The Institute for Conservation Research and Education is dedicated to environmental research and conservation, both locally and globally. The organization aims to conserve and restore habitat to be used by native wildlife through community involvement, outreach, and education.

Who we are

ICRE, the Institute for Conservation Research and Education, is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Orange County, California. ICRE was formed in an effort to support environmental research and conservation both locally and globally. Southern California is one of the world’s few biodiversity hotspots- we have a very large number of diverse plant and animal species that is also highly threatened by human activity. Many of the species found here are already endangered or threatened. In order to ensure the survival of what remains in communities like ours, these species need to be understood by researching their needs and conserving their habitat. The amount of suitable natural habitat for these species is declining across the globe. For this reason, ICRE is dedicated largely to wildlife conservation and habitat restoration. ICRE seeks to fulfill these goals not just by means of our research, but also through the use of community involvement, outreach, and education.

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